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CHT Launches Singing for Seniors Program

Harmonic Health is pleased to announce their new partnership with CHT.

Singing for Seniors, the world's first web-based eLearning platform specialising in Singing Therapy for the Aged Care Sector has just been launched at CHT’s across 10 aged residential care facilities in the Auckland region.

The programme was created by Dr Julie Jackson-Gough, a world renowned expert in singing and gerontology with more than 15 year’s experience in the fields of music and vocal coaching.

CHT has been one of Auckland’s leading providers of residential care for older people for over 50 years. “As a Charitable Trust, CHT reinvests all its surpluses back into its facilities and services”, Max Robins, Chief Executive of CHT said.

Max is very enthusiastic about the programme. “It is a wonderful opportunity to enhance the quality of lives of our residents with a programme that has been specifically designed for them. Music crosses age and cultural boundaries and reaches our residents in a deep and meaningful way”, he said.

"We are extremely excited about the opportunity to work with the staff at all CHT locations to get this program going. Singing for Seniors is a cutting edge program with research based results " said Matthew Jackson - Commercial Manager of Harmonic Health.

Many residents have reported health benefits, particularly in regards to respiratory problems as well as memory concentration and enhancement. Voice and breathing exercises are a particular help for ex-smokers and asthmatics

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