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Buy a Complete Singing for Seniors Disc Set

130 Songs & 17 Discs


On occasion, we get approached a rest home who wants us to send them the original resources and an entire disc set. We're more than willing to help but ask you help cover the costs of running the website and disc production costs if you request this.


In total there are 10x disc sets including two Christmas discs.


Singing for Seniors Disc 1 - 5 

Singing for Dependent Seniors Disc 1-3

Christmas Traditional and Christmas Contemporary 


All 10 disc sets have accompanying lyrics, and there are some with karaoke versions for semi and independents on the Singing for Seniors disk sets.


The Singing for Dependent Seniors is designed for high care residents.


There are 50 songs for dependent seniors & 80 songs for independent seniors a total of 130 songs which provides a lot of scope for singing favourites and introducing new songs to encourage new learning.


We include the set~up instructions & training standards for your information.

This is enclosed in a branded resources folder.

The complete set is $330 NZ (excl GST)

Postage and packaging is $15 (incl GST)


To purchase the set please email us by clicking the blue Buy a Complete Disc Set button. We'll send you an invoice. We're happy to arrange payment terms for sites with smaller activities budgets.

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