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RVA Conference 2014

We were very pleased to be a part of this year's RVA Conference that took place over the 23rd - 26th of June in Auckland City. In past years Harmonic Health has been a presenter, and this was the first year we had a ‘trady’ stand promoting our world first elearning singing therapy programme and portal.

The RVA conference this year included discussion about challenges the sector is facing; such has funding models and public perception. A panel of CEO's of some of the major operators (Summerset, Metlifecare, Oceania, Selwyn & Bupa) in the RVA showed consistency in their group forum about the value the sector provides to thought leadership, especially when it comes to comparing the New Zealand market to other regions like Australia. Lack of public awareness and perception of the sector continues to be a challenge as the industry is seeking to confirm Retirement villages and vibrant active communities. The proactive nature of the RVA with public and government engagement levels and industry lead self management has clearly driven in the success of the industry in New Zealand, a success which NZ operators are now looking to replicate in Australia and beyond.

A merging of rest home, retirement village and hospital care to provide for continuity of care in the third age was prevalent as attendees, vendors and speakers around the conference clearly showed an interest in all areas. We'd expect to see changes in the Association in future years as this starts to be realised at an opertor level. Updates from ANZ's lead economist Cameron Bagrie are always a highlight and in true form - Harmonic Health was first on the dance floor at the Gala dinner (photos below).

Surprisingly absent from the conversation and almost somewhat disappointingly was the limited discussion of how technology can be used as a driver for change. Technology can be challenging but ultimately the goal of technology in health care is to provide better self management, more efficient patient care which allows more time spent with the patient, and easier remote care to allow better interaction or more regular care.

Lastly, one of the major highlights was the adventurous couple from Australia who shared their views on life, live fully but manage risk. They are world record setting base jumpers Heather Swan and Glenn Singleton, so we could all learn a thing or two from such an inspiring couple to tackle life challenges in a way we admire. All in all, the RVA conference is a highlight of the calendar as the sector continues to collaborate and work together to support and care for the elderly in NZ.

2014-06-25 17.01.23.jpg
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