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Singing for Seniors is based on global research, designed specifically for semi-dependent and dependant villages, and utilises the latest technology.

All Inclusive Plans
Strategy, Tactics, Planning & Implementation including Feedback is all included. This means the programme is easy to implement - this is because we are experts in this field. We provide a survey after disc 3, which will provide you with feedback from your villages about the results. This allows you to decide if you'd like to continue with the programme, or intelligently adjust the product for each village. All you need to do is send your village managers an email with a link to our system, where they input their village details to be set-up with the programme. The minimum requirement in the village to operate the programme is being able to operate a CD player, have an email address, print from a computer and follow instructions.

Specialist Resource
Do you employ someone to co-ordinate your national exercise programme? This singing for seniors programme rolled out across all of your villages (in our experience) will have at least 3x higher resident participation than exercise classes, with all the benefits of exercise (except fall prevention). Documenting processes and the expertise to operate this type of program could be in excess of 4-5x the cost we offer when you consider a national co-ordinator, professional development, administration, music production, licensing and the cost of developing the intellectual property.

Improving the employee experience

We'll be identifying and fostering your super stars and reporting back to you on areas for improvement, with regular suggestions and examples to improve the village singing programme, and tracked attendance in the Monthly Monday's sessions. We are offering you the opportunity of white-labelling with your brand, so that your staff know you are powering the programme. Do more for less, by adding Harmonic Health to your talent retention program to training and staff development, and goal tracking for Occupational Therapists.

Costs & Consistency
Do you budget for your villages pay someone to run a singing programme each week, at $25-35 / week it adds up. Performers, entertainers will perform sing-a-longs, but they cost even more per hour, and the standard is variable. Most people sing at a level where it is comfortable to them. It may fit the seniors voices, or may not, lyrics are not usually provided, so singing with entertainers is limited. Singing for Seniors is fresh and can be used with much higher frequency. We provide multiple copies of the disc so residents can have access to the discs and lyric sheets, and can use them when the singing space is free.

Harmonic Health delivers, every two months, songs that are pitched lower, (in the future, songs will be included that are designed to stretch voices). By implementing Harmonic Health, you ensure your staff and residents are getting a constantly high quality programme and are supported for success. Staff are offered training and singing programme implementation support, and technical support via access to the e-learning modules.

In the Community

We've had PR and awards generated from the villages we've worked with, so helping you maximise the talent of your staff and residents to achieve this is included in the programme. We know that your seniors still have a vital role to play in the community and we can help you create marketing stories, a point of difference and attract new residents, keeping your village full and vibrant.

Older voices are lower, the songs are designed to give seniors success with singing. Click play to Listen for;
the speed, the tone, the clarity of words and the pitch.

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