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The Singing for Dependent Seniors programme for high care residents is different to the other singing programmes we offer. The bi-monthly disc has twenty sing-a-long tracks, and the songs are selected from pre-1950 repertoire, along with well known hymns from the same era. It is designed for the caregivers in dependent units ( either hospital or dementia units) to put on the CD player and leave to play. The residents will respond as they like, and possibly join in with the singing in either the first play or subsequent playings. The caregiver can stay and sing-a-long with the residents if they choose, and that will potentially lead to more singing. It is the music and the triggering  of the memories associated with the songs that are the powerful effects of this programme. Having a new disc every two months ensures staff are not weary of the same old songs, while residents have familiarity. 

Meet Henry, who suffered from dementia for a decade and barely said a word to anyone - then he started listening to his favorite music.

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