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Aged Care Management Seminar Series

March 2014

  • 30mins remote training

  • Global best practice

  • Insights from the convenience of your desk

  • Provided Harmonic Health

  • FREE for Third Age Customers

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Are you up to date with how a singing therapy programme can influence health of your residents? This live online training is designed to provide Facility Manager's and Clinical Co-ordinators with insights into the latest trends for Singing Therapy implementation and how they are perceived during a Ministry of Health Certification Audit.
  • Motivated staff 
  • Happier, healthier residents
  • Decreased material and planning costs
  • Attend or view all training and you'll qualify for Unit Standards credits

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3rd March: The commercial benefits of eLearning

We operate an online training platform because over 40% of every dollar spent on training goes towards travel costs. Specialised resources are difficult to find outside of the main centres of New Zealand and Australia. Find out why this new way of learning can help you decrease your operations budget with examples from the NZ aged care sector and abroad.

10th March: How to enhance health via singing in the hospital and rest home 

Within the retirement village singing enhances residents health for common issues such as dimentia, asthma, stoke, and Parkinson's. Seniors can find it hard to sing along to the music they used to listen to regularly and entertainers sing in their own tone and pitch, which means they sing less, missing out on the health benefits of singing. Find out the basics about how to enhance health via singing & the pitfalls.

"Singing for Seniors has shown us how beneficial music can be especially at our age!"

Moria - Resident

17th March: The key steps to implementing a singing therapy programme

  • Singing improves mood and sense of community

  • Improves brain function and memory

  • Increases lung capacity and oxygenation in the bloodstream

  • Boosts immunity by promoting a health lymphatic system

  • Clears respiratory systems and sinuses and produces endorphins.


Learn about the way music is treated in the aged care sector. We'll highlight simple changes you can make to switch from entertaining residents to empowering them and enhancing their health. The key to any successful implementation is your team so we provide an overview of the challenges they face.

"There have been great reports of health benefits, particularly respiratory problems & memory enhancement"

Glenys - Activities Co-ordinator

24th March: How to demonstrate improvements for HDSS audits

The latest Mental Health Standard NZS8143:2001 shifted from being detailing inputs to detailing outcomes – use Singing for Seniors to enhance your residents health through singing before your next certification audit report. We'll provide a background into singing therapy unit standards testing and why it is important for your staff, the facility and resident welfare, and ultimately how to position the programme during your next MoH audit.

What happens next?

We'll send you an email with a link to register for the training and what you should do to set this up. Each of our sessions can be accessed via your computer or a telephone so there is no need to leave the office. The session is designed to run for 30 minutes. Miss one session and you can review it online later, or from your mobile phone. Once you have viewed all sessions we'll call you for feedback and you may qualify for accrediation unit standards credits towards your singing therapy program. An invoice will be sent to ypur email address.


By the end of this training you will;

  1. Understand how to reduce your operations budget·

  2. Understand how you can more effectively utilise music to enhance health of residents in your rest home and hospital·

  3. Support your Diversional Therapist or Activities co-ordinator in their singing therapy initiative·

  4. Understand the key points to discuss for your HDSS criteria to achieve a higher rating

Your details were sent successfully. Within 24 hours we will confirm the training details and provide an invoice for payment if applicable.

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