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  • Lower Residents Complaints

  • eLearning for DHB Training Compliance

  • Add to your Quality Improvement Programme

  • Provide memory cues and dispel loneliness & isolation

  • Reduce reliance on volunteer entertainment during a busy Christmas period

Rest Home & Dementia Care Christmas Singing Therapy

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All you need to run your Rest Home Christmas Singing Therapy Programme

Christmas Songs bring back some of the most memorable times spent with family and friends, laughing and sharing. Take this opportunity when residents are engaged in singing to update to your residents complaints service procedure or take a new approach to managing your subsidised residents care plan. Our templates & resources get you started simply and easily. The latest Mental Health Standard NZS8143:2001 shifted from from being detailing inputs to detailing outcomes – use Singing for Seniors to enhance your residents health through singing before your next certification audit report.

Designed for Seniors Voices

We licence and professionally record our music and karaoke discs designed for seniors voices; this because seniors voices are lower and slower by the time the reach 85. Seniors can find it hard to sing along to the music they used to listen to regularly and Christmas entertainers sing in their own tone and pitch, which means they sing less, missing out on the health benefits of singing.

Flexible Online Training

We operate an online training platform because over 40% of every dollar spent on training goes towards travel costs. Specialised resources are difficult to find outside of the main centres of New Zealand and Australia. We use accelerated proficiency methods of training; Get exposed, get an overview, try it out, use it - think about it like on the job learning with training wheels.

Improve Residents Health

  • Singing improves mood and sense of community

  • Improves brain function and memory

  • Increases lung capacity and oxygenation in the bloodstream

  • Boosts immunity by promoting a health lymphatic system

  • Clears respiratory systems and sinuses and produces endorphins.


Our training teaches your Activities Co-ordinators and Diversional Therapists how to maximise these benefits and you don't even need to know how to sing. As the facility manager we're on stand-by anytime for questions about your care planning or to assist your staff with the programme implementation.

Christmas Disc Special Offer

Usually Singing for Seniors is only available under subscription model.


Singing for Seniors Advanced - 1x Month - $74.75 (incl GST) One off Fee 

Terms: Payable Online Only




  • 1x Master Music Disc - 10x tracks
  • 1x Master Karaoke Disc
  • 1x Residents / Lounge CD Music
  • 1x Residents / Lounge CD Karaoke
  • Music designed for rest home seniors
People & Processes
  • One Month Access Online Training Portal with instructional videos & resources for 1x Diversional Therapist or Activities Co-ordinator
  • Welcome pack & set-up programme instructions
  • Resident's Promotional Health Awareness e-Poster
  • Free shipping
  • Mobile optimised for
       viewing on iPhone or
       Android devices
Special Offer for November
  • 1x Webinar training - featuring Dr Julie Jackson-Gough Subject: Lower Complaints valued at $67.50 (+GST)*.



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  (*Only available for facilities who purchase in November)

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3 day guaranteed shipping for NZ
(5 days Aus)
Instant training portal access to get you started



Facility Manager Upgrade

Singing for Seniors Group - 1x Month
$134.55 (incl GST) One off Fee 

Terms: Buy Now Online or Subscribe below for a discount to $104.65 (incl GST) per month.


In addition to the features above the Singing for Seniors Group includes;

People and Processes

  • No limit to the number of staff who can access the training portal
  • 1hr training per employee will be provided minimum for this fixed budget
  • 1x summary report to verify training attendance for DHB compliance reporting
  • 1x month unlimited phone and email support; Compliance, Programme & Technical
  • Annualised Singing Therapy Programme & Training Structure for 2014 download
Special Offer for November
  • Gerontology music policy for Aged Care Music in Dementia Units
  • 1x Singing for Dependent Seniors Disc x 20 Tracks (includes Hymns)
  • Singing for Dependent Seniors Disc designed for Dementia patients


Bureaucracy makes companies love process and research over products and results. Analysis and research are important but they quickly lead to diminishing returns. Request the Gerontology and Singing whitepaper to decide for yourself if you can save money with accelerated learning and BYOD training which allows staff the flexibility to study in their own time using their own device. The whitepaper demonstrates how eLearning can impact your residential-care subsidy agreement, corporate identity while decreasing compliance costs.

"Singing for Seniors has shown us how beneficial music can be especially at our age!"

Moria - Resident

"There have been great reports of health benefits, particularly respiratory problems & memory enhancement"

Glenys - Activities Co-ordinator

Motivated staff with enhanced comprehension
Happier, healthier residents
Decreased material and planning costs
More cost effective than on-site professional services


Lock in these preferential rates for 12 months by subscribing online now.

Bi-monthly invoicing is available upon request, cancel anytime.

To make an appointment or discuss your needs with our regional representatives or over the phone please contact us for an appointment. The Accreditation option includes a DVD upgrade

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Privacy Policy


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